New User Handout
8.5″ x 11″
– This handout covers how to create an account, how to claim a listing and how to submit a new event.

Inch to Decimal to Metric Conversion Table
4″ x 6″
– This is a handout that is great to keep by your computer or in the shop.

Method to Calculate Screw Height and Distance for Hanging Work
4″ x 6″
– This is a handout that is great to use as a teaching tool for new preparators.

Access to Art Tools – 2019
6″x 8″
– This book is for the working class hero—the artist and art worker who remain in the Bay Area in economically- divided times—as a resource guide for art making. This is not a phone book, but a careful selection of top vendors useful in our field, and historically friendly to artists, art workers, and non-profit spaces.
Designed and printed by Colpa Press. Organized by ALBA ( and The Art Report (