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How do I create an account, and why do I need one?

Creating an account allows you to add events to the calendar, add listings to the directory, claim existing listings, post a job, add comments, and manage any content that you have submitted.
1. Go to artlistbayarea.com/register or (scroll to the bottom of the home page and click register)
2. Enter a Username (You can add a different Display Name via User Dashboard)
3. Enter a User Email
4. Enter a Password
5. Confirm your Password
6. Confirm that you are not a spambot
7. Click Register and you’re done!

How do I add a listing?

1. You must create a user account or login
2. Go to artlistbayarea.com and click + ADD LISTING in the main menu
3. Enter the Title/Name of the listing
4. Select the category and classification (ex. Arts Orgs , Artist Collectives)
5. Enter URL of listing
6. Enter email address
7. Enter Phone number
8. Click “link to social media accounts” if you’d like to link to an instagram, facebook, youtube, or twitter profile
9. Enter the description of the listing
10. Enter the address of the listing them select “Find On Map”
11. To enter the ALBA event ID copy and paste the ID# into the ADD ID HERE portion of the provided code. Learn more about it here.
12. Upload a photo
13. Add tags to the listing to help it show up on searches
14. Unless this listing is for your own project/gallery leave the “Claimable” button checked
15. Hit submit!

How do I submit an event?

In order to submit an event you must first create an account, or be logged in if you already have an account. Once logged in click the “Submit Event” button on the main menu or visit: www.artlistbayarea.com/submit-an-event
1. Enter your event name
2. Select a Beginning date for your event
3. Select an End date
4. Enter start and end time
5. If this event does not have a physical location (i.e. online) check the box.
6. Begin typing in a location name. If this location has been used before on ALBA then it will suggest the location and auto-populate once selected.
7. If it is a new location, then enter the necessary details. (name, address, city)
8. Enter all desired details for event (i.e. description, context, participants)
9. Select: Submittted
10. Upload an image if desired. (Max size = 1MB)
11. Click submit event! Your event will be looked over by the admin and will be posted within 24hrs.

What is my Event Location ID and where do I find it?

Your Event Location ID links your directory listing with any events submitted at this location via ALBA. Go to Event Locations and search for your location. If the location does not exist, than you do not have an event ID and you need to submit an event at this location. If it is on the list, then copy and paste the “ALBA Event Location ID #” into the “Upcoming Events” category on your directory listing. (This number should replace the “ADD ID HERE” text in the pre-filled code but leave the rest of the weird code in place.) In case you accidentally delete it, it is available below:

[events_list limit="10" location="ADD ID HERE"]#_EVENTDATES: #_EVENTLINK <br/>[/events_list]

Can I only post listings for places that I own or operate?

Anyone can add any listing to the directory, regardless of whether or not it’s “their gallery or business”. In fact we STRONGLY encourage people to share any and all of their favorite resources or places to visit.

What if someone already made a listing for my business?

If you feel as though you should be the one to manage the content for a specific listing, you can place a claim on that listing.
1. You must create a user account or login.
2. Navigate to the listing, you will see a “claim listing” icon right below the map (or below description if your listing has no location.)
3. Click Claim listing
4. Enter your name and your affiliation with the listing
5. Provide a brief description outlining your claim.
6. Hit Submit! This message goes directly to the site admin for review and should be approved within 24 hours.

Why don’t I see my submission?

All submissions for events and listings require approval by the administrator. The review process typically takes less than 24 hrs. The primary function of this review process is to make sure that the information was entered correctly. ALBA is really new and was built by amateurs, so its really helpful to see where we lead you astray. Once you have successfully submitted 5 entries we will upgrade you to an “Authorized Contributor”.

What is an “Authorized Contributor”?

All of your entries will automatically be approved, and you will see them instantly on the site.