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      SFMOMA and the public library is giving away a lot, a lot of vitrines and tabletops.

      Here is an excerpt from the email:

      I am writing because, at the end of this month, we will be offering the installation materials from this exhibition to nonprofits that support arts and culture in the Bay Area. These materials primarily include Plexiglas cases of a variety of sizes with accompanying tabletops and sawhorses, the details of which can be found in the spreadsheet attached. (I have also attached photographs of the displays from our current exhibit.) Unfortunately we are unable to deliver materials, so all displays are free with the stipulation that they must be picked up within the time frame listed.

      These items will be available for pick-up from various branches of the SFPL. If your institution is interested in any of the materials listed in this spreadsheet, please reply in a comment, and we will reserve the items for you to pick up at their library location(s).”

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