Sholeh Asgary, Kim Nucci, Bromp Treb, Ettrick, Fumi

Date(s) - 01/12
7:30pm - 11:30pm

Peacock Lounge

552 Haight Street
San Francisco, CA

Sholeh Asgary, Kim Nucci, Bromp Treb, Ettrick, Fumi
8pm-11pm $5-$15 sliding scale (notaflof) all-ages
Peacock Lounge, 552 Haight, SF
Please be vaxed and rapid-tested to keep old and young alive and well.

Sholeh Asgary
Iranian-born interdisciplinary sound artist Sholeh Asgary’s work implicate you in future mythological excavations, bridging large swathes of time and history through water, water clocks, crude oil, movement, light, voice, AM transmissions, frequency interference and language. For Asgary the environment and innate properties of everyday objects are the ether for direct communication.

Bromp Treb
Neil ‘Cloaca’ Young, beloved and reviled for sounds he repeatedly makes on stage with Fat Worm of Error, has an onomatopoetic solo project, Bromp Treb. These are the sputterings of refined dysfunction and eager uncertainty. An improvised maze of crooked rhythms and tangled textures made with voice, synthesis, percussion as ritualized pratfall. Here there is no HiFi and no LoFi only FiFi.

Kim Nucci
Electronics, voice, sax and live projections in the hands of Kim Nucci become implements for pondering the pedestrian cybernetic body, the snarl of human and machine, and the potentials of ritualism and trance in improvisation. Their interactive installations have involved architectural interventions, sculpture, arduino and other microcontrollers, idiosyncratic interactive design, painting and projections, while live improvisations extend even unto all humans present. Don’t miss these many gifts unwrapped noisily before your very ears inside the Peacock Lounge.

Electronics free, apocalypse-ready, go ahead and cut the power because Ettrick will wrench the furthest possible sounds from their instruments through brute force, screaming through saxophones, and getting impolite with their drums. This show marks the ten-year anniversary of Jacob Felix Heule and Jay Korber’s jazz/black metal drum and sax assault.

Monique (Fumi)
Something sudden this way comes.