Recombinant Rebound: Cinechamber reopens June 24 for a limited run

Date(s) - 06/24 - 07/04

Gray Area

2665 Mission St
San Francisco, CA

Gray Area is reopening with Recombinant Rebound, featuring the RML Cinechamber, a 360° surround adventure in immersive sound, spatial cinema and sensory strangeness.  Come experience two 60+ minute shows of curated works, spanning two decades of panoramic performances created exclusively for the CineChamber’s seamless wrap-around walls and 8-point surround system. Recombinant Rebound transports the audience between haunted metro stations, abstract alienscapes, and earth-orbiting satellites with works by 16 artists, including the premiere of a new solo work in progress by Dimensional Holofonic Sound.


Limited number of time slots are available, reserve your tickets now at


Featuring works by

Biosphere · Burial · Fennesz · Dimensional Holofonic Sound · Egbert Mittelstadt · Jefre-Cantu Ledesma · Jochem Paap · Lillevan · Masako Tanaka · Naut Humon · Oval · Paul Clipson · Ryoichi Kurokawa · Scott Arford · Scott Pagano · Semiconductor