bran(…)pos, Ralph White, Junior Mint Prince, Kanoko Nishi-Smith & Gabby Fluke-Mogul

Date(s) - 02/20

Peacock Lounge

552 Haight Street
San Francisco, CA

Hey bran(…)pos, Ralph White, Junior Mint Prince, Kanoko Nishi-Smith & Gabby Fluke-Mogul
Thur, Feb. 20, 8pm-11pm $5-$10 sliding but notaflof, all-ages
Peacock Lounge, 552 Haight, SF

Listen long enough to the waveform pool of deep emerald madness that’s the bran(…)pos 20+ year discography and a form will emerge in your ear, not merely a voice or signature style but past all surface, below submerged islands of timbral moss, carmelizing synth, tympanic boom, and rasp of a cello; no, at bottom of that viscous slurry you’ll detect the glinting eye of a whole monster stirring, peeking straight up from a very dark, very deep bottom. Quickly, the question becomes why is it laughing, why is it rising, and how fast can you backpeddle without stumbling in instead? The newest bran(…)pos cassette, Cosmic Mushmouth, is that beast now breeching, face of a cosby kid, airborne before you, drool arcing in the sun above its scaley writhing seraph body of nose toothed prick eyed tongue hole. It has something to let you in on, real soon. Anyone who glimpsed the lights-out mutlichannel dispersion of his “Martian Brine Pool” at this year’s SF Tape Music festival can tell you: This is no time to save yourself… down the hatch, plate yourself properly, at the Peacock Lounge 02/20/2020 @20:00:00 aka 8pm

Ralph White (Austin, TX)
An erstwhile tree-doctor who picked up and left Texas after extending his techniques to include that cauliflower in your skull, the roots of which he’ll steer to dislodge the stone in your chest. Apart from being a living druid, Ralph White was inducted to the Austin Music Hall of Fame as a core member of the legendary trio, Bad Livers. He’s explored ancient music in remote regions of Namibia, Australia, Mexico and Louisiana and now lives an itinerant life not confined to four dimensions. “His solo work is possessed of a lonesome spark, exaggerating the implied drone at the heart of the music of Dock Boggs and The Stanley Brothers… playing wooden six-string banjo, violin, accordion and kalimba, his voice has a high, eerie quality… extremely psychedelic” -(David Keenan, The Wire UK)

Junior Mint Prince
Extracting holy sounds from the god of the gut, Lula Asplund and Naomi Harrison-Clay play as if all the world, and all that is hidden by the world, is open to their grasp. And it is. They’ll collage together strings and electronic toys with soft screams to terraform new timbres for their next-century freak-folk post-topia where raw voices may bridge chaotic bursts of electronic processing and analog synthesis. Junior Mint Prince doesn’t reach in order to transcend the vortex but to vascularize new paths within its churn, exposing new paths between the dense thicket of noise and the soft moment of having feet on the ground, embodying characters from the subconscious as the means to greet them at the door. Yeah, knock knock.

Kanoko Nishi-Smith & Gabby Fluke-Mogul
Exquisitely attuned, foremost to people and then to resonant matter, objects that extend and entwine shared presence of mind, Kanoko Nishi-Smith is a collaborator nonpareil. Her extended technique on bass koto arises first from interior states requiring a suitably enormous instrument and her array of material surfaces with which to sound it. Her most apt collaborator on this night, Gabby Fluke-Mogul, sounds the shorter strings of the violin to invoke power of receiving. Fluke-Mogul is a master of listening as resonance, learning as loving, bringing depth to our experience of sound hues, of infinite timbres, of trust, of vulnerability and of desire. Together, this duo is an ocean that includes the sky.


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