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Oakland Art Murmur (OAM) seeks to be a voice for all Oakland artists and art spaces and seeks to connect all members of the public to the eclectic and incredible art of Oakland. They are motivated by a genuine desire to expand social justice in the arts and empower artists of all backgrounds and experiences. To that end, OAM seeks to promote historically underserved artists and art spaces and educate the public as to the rich and vibrant history of the arts in Oakland.

Since their beginnings in 2006, Oakland Art Murmur (OAM) has connected thousands of artists in thousands of exhibitions to over 1,000,000 visitors. OAM supports its community by generating not only local, but also regional, national, and international attention to Oakland, providing good-news stories about the city’s thriving art scenes and cultural renaissance.

First Friday Art Walk – OAM presents a free monthly evening art walk, known as the ‘Art Murmur’, when visual arts venues are collectively open to the public. This takes place throughout Oakland on the first Friday of every month from 6–9pm, rain or shine. (Oakland First Fridays is a separate event and organization – please see Our History below.)

Saturday Stroll – Most OAM visual arts venues also participate in the weekly Saturday Stroll, when visual arts spaces are open every Saturday from 1–5pm. This is a self-guided activity where many galleries host free cultural programs such as receptions, artist talks, lectures, musical performances, and literary readings on Saturdays.

Oakland Visual Arts Guide – Twice a year OAM creates and distributes thousands of printed guides; connecting the public to galleries, exhibition spaces and artists studios. They also maintain an interactive venue map on this site.


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